About us

: History

Shetab Sanat Rahavard Co, under the trade name “Rahavard Electronics” started its operation back in 1997 and rapidly became a great player in Iranian electronic parts production and reverse engineering industry sector. Its activity is mainly focused on the two categories: “production of electronic boards for gas cookers and ventilation hoods” and  “production of electronic  boards for refrigerators”. we endeavor to offer items at competitive prices; and we are truly able to keep the quality high and the prices low, thanks to properly equipped assembly lines and quality testing labs as highly skilled engineers and technicians.

: Development Prospect

our board of directors has directed its efforts towards developing the existing production capacity and establishing a substantial export capacity in very near future. we also aim at producing higher quality    items with more novel designs and better functionality. Another priority is to establish better access to raw material, which in turn would enable us to  meet our customers demands more efficiently, and hence secure customer satisfaction.

: Our customers

Boasting a huge production capacity (300000 transformers for gas cooker lighters,as an example), we have acted as exclusive supplier for many a big home appliance producer for years. Snowa, Datees, Tehran Sobhan, Ilia Steel, Elzino, Pilot, Satisun, are only some of the big names in Iranian home appliance market that we are associated with.

: Awards

As one of the harbingers in design and production of parts for home appliances in  Iran,  we are honored to inform our clients that, after many years of offering and supplying high quality parts, we were able to achieve ISO 9001 and CE approvals.

: Main Products

Gas cooker lighter –

 lighter electrode –

Gas valve micro-switch –

Digital and mechanical gas cooker timer –

Holder –

Selector –

Grill rotation electro-motor –

Ventilation hood control board –

Wire hub –

Oven door automatic turn-off switch-

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